About Hygge!

"Hygge" ( pronounced as hue-guh) is creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people The word can be used to describe the warmth that candles bring to a room, Hygge also means togetherness like the act of sitting around a table and discussing the big and small things in life with friends Christmas time in Denmark is high time for hygge and one of the best ways to experience hygge is through enjoying a warm cup of glass.

Yes, sweatpants count as hygge There's even a word in Danish tor them Hygge Busker that pair of pants you'd never Be caught dead wearing in public but practically in when you're at home on the weekend binging on Netflix in addition to describing things as hyggelig (hygge-like), Danes are also obsessed with adding hygge to other words to describe things,
For example, a hyggekrog is essentially a nook where you can get cozy imagine a window seat where you can yourself up in a blanket and watch the world.

What about the food?
What you eat is also essential to creating those cozy vibes and it's all about homemade sweets, comfort food and hot drinks. While restaurants can certainly have a hygge atmosphere( think candles on the table and a fireplace in the back) spending tons of money on an expensive meal isn't the point. It's more about comfort and familiarity. In Denmark, that might mean pastries meatballs ana copious amount of coffee, but in some other part of the world, you might want to pour yourself a cup of hot cocoa, dig up your grandma's chicken pot pie recipe or spend the weekend afternoon baking a chocolate cake. Comfort foods vary according to culture and tradition, also your personal taste matters.

Don't forget about light Simplistic accents such as pendant, string table or floor lamps provide ambience to an otherwise straightforward Space. Candles are another great way to tie in the atmosphere. Candles are a huge part of leading a hygge life. Hygge is a term from the Danish that carry several meanings including, but not limited to warmth, comfort, friendship, and enjoying simplicity. A candle is simple and it gives you warmth, comfort and brings a sense of wonder to the moment. Sit at comfortable couch or chair, wrap yourself in a blanket if you like it warmer, close your eyes and just live the moment. Tingle the senses with musky scents that promote warmth and virility like cinnamon, lemongrass and sandalwood.