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Books you can read to smart train your mind.

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

It's all about how you practice your mind to move forward with precision and focus, just writing the intentions and desires on a piece of paper and keeping them under your pillow will never magically like in fairy tale stories. But always write down, get it all together.

Envision, breathe and make it happen. Space X doesn't happen in one day, think the unthinkable, go beyond horizons, bend the reality. Start with little steps to achieve that big step, in reality, the big step is just a collection of all the small changes and progress you've made.

Start to work on your ideas, there will be obstacles, there will be redemption, there will be happiness and hurdles all through life. There will be mistakes, there will be a bunch of self-doubts, unanswered questions, depression, anxiety and low key points that teaching lessons.

The real question is, your mind smart enough to face all the things and live a life with no regrets? How will you train your mind, reform the ideologies? To step into a modern ideology about the way you think, work and look out this big world with a different perspective, are you ready? Do you still think hard work can yield you everything? if so, it's time to shake up some old rules and play differently this time.

Books that helped me to shape my mind in recent days, hope this will be helpful or give you a fresh hint of taste over new ideas.

1. Atomic habits by James clear


These small changes will have a revolutionary effect on your career, your relationships and your life. The impact of daily habits is much greater than you think.

2. The code of extraordinary mind by Vishen Lakhiani


The Code of the Extraordinary Mind: 10 Unconventional Laws to Redefine Your Life and Succeed On Your Own Terms.

What if everything we think we know about how the world works—our ideas of love, education, spirituality, work, happiness, and love—are based on Brules (bullsh*t rules) that get passed from generation to generation and are long past their expiration date?

This book teaches you to think like some of the greatest non-conformist minds of our era, to question, challenge, hack, and create new rules for YOUR life so you can define success on your own terms.

3. The power of the subconscious mind by Dr Joseph Murphy


This book can bring to your notice the innate power that the sub-conscious holds. We have some traits which seem like habits, but in reality, these are those traits which are directly controlled by the sub-conscious mind, vis-à-vis your habits or your routine can be changed if you can control and direct your sub-conscious mind positively. To be able to control this 'mind power' and use it to improve the quality of your life is no walk in the park. This is where this book acts as a guide and allows you to decipher the depths of the sub-conscious.

4. The buddha and badass by vishen Lakhiani


The Buddha is the archetype of the spiritual master. The person who can live in this world but also move with ease, grace, and flow that comes from inner awareness and alignment.

The Badass is the archetype of the changemaker. This is the person who is out there creating change, building, coding, writing, inventing, leading. The badass represents the benevolent disruptor—the person challenging the norms so we can be better as a species.

Once you integrate the skill sets of both archetypes, you will experience life at a different level from most people. You will operate from a space of bliss, ease, inspiration, and abundance. This book will show how to do that.

5. Think like a monk by Jay shetty


The lessons monks learn are profound but often abstract. Shetty transforms them into advice and exercises we can all apply to reduce stress, improve focus, improve relationships, identify our hidden abilities, increase self-discipline and give the gifts we find in ourselves to the world. Shetty proves that everyone can – and should – think like a monk.

6. Livewired: The Inside Story of the Ever-Changing Brain by David Eagleman


Covering decades of research to the present day, Livewired also presents new discoveries from Eagleman's own laboratory, from synaesthesia to dreaming to wearable neurotech devices that revolutionize how we think about the senses.

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