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Mindfulness Journey- Day 8

The Insight of being content
There is unlimited joy in the world. All you have to do is tap into it.– Dr. Srikumar Rao

In this busy world, we often forget the main sense of this wonderful life. Yes, we all are rushing towards productivity, money, and goals and running away from the basic thing that should matter the most. Still, thinking about what it is? The answer is simple, Happiness, joyfulness and being mindful. We lost this essence in search of so many other things and started living a machine-like mundane life.

Too much of our life is lived unconsciously, and that’s the reason most of us have the problems that we do.

Most of the time we bound ourselves to the "if-then" model. If this and this happens then I'll be happy, life will be good. Honestly, this is not anyone's fault. The social and economical conditions push us into this model. Nothing to be blamed about. But you can change this perspective and start living a more conscious life.

Few things to remember to have a mindful lifestyle and change the ordinary routine.

  • Accept the universe as it was.

  • invest in the process, not in the outcome.

  • Your actions are in your control, but the results are not.

  • There are no bigger problems, it depends on our perspective.

  • Set the direction, forget the goals focus on your actions.

In short, our mindset needs a little tweak to live consciously and live the life to fullest.


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