Pen Pal starter Kit

Pen Pal starter Kit


The kit includes the following items:


Sticker Sheets

Sticker Flakes

Washi samples

Small ziplock bags

Kraft paper envelope

2-3 PostCards

Tags for washi samples

Paper Threads

Kraft papers 

Sequins and few glitters stones


(Hooty hoot always adds addtional goodies!!)


  • What is a snail Mail?

    What is it about old-fashioned snail mail that so many people around the world find it fascinating? 
    Why is it, in a time where it is so easy to send a text or email, are so many people choosing to pour in their efforts, creativity and time into a handwritten letter? Well really, it’s just that! Someone, possibly across the world, has chosen to switch off from the virtual world and sit down to create something personal and precious just for you.