vintage Junk Journal

vintage Junk Journal


Here's a vintage Junk Journal kit! Need to save some small wrapper or artwork on a small piece of paper that you made during odd office or class hours and no heart to crush it? Collect them all paste it, clip it and save them to close to your heart.
So what's so special about this one? 
1. Handmade journal with Kraft papers and coffee dipped papers. ( Around 200 pages, Size A5) .
2.Each page was designed with a vintage theme 
3.Dried leaves and wildflowers are added to a few pages to make it more interesting.
4. Lot of vintage items are included so you can play pasting them around the journal whenever you feel like.

What's in this kit?
1. Handmade junk journal 
2. washi tape sample
3.satin ribbon samples
4. Stickers 
5.few texture papers, Polaroid snaps
6.Few decor items, bookmarks and gift tags

NOTE: Every journal takes at least a week to make. Once you place an order you will get it within 10 days.

  • Shipping

    It takes 5 to 7 days to make a journal. So we kindly request for your patience.