Welcome to Secret Santa Book Swap!

Elves Need some little Details

Santa's  Questionnaire

Choose your wish :)

Thank you :) We wish you a Merry Christmas

Few Rules:

  • It's simple, people who register will be swapping gifts with each other for Christmas, as an unexpected surprise. 

  • If you chose to be a secret Santa, Partners will be assigned to you so you can send them a book and receive one in return. 

  • if you just want Hooty hoot to be your Santa, you'll receive a Christmas Post card from Hooty hoot store. ( you can sign up for your friends too. just leave the details and we'll send them a card )

  • Privacy is most important, please make sure the contact details of your Santa partner is safe with you.

  • Gifts should only be books.

  • More queries? leave us a message or DM on Instagram

Last date for submission: 1st December

partners will be assigned on 2nd December

Gifts to be shared within: 15th December

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