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"Hoot hoot! I'm Abirami Mathi Kumaraswamy, the creator of Hooty Hoot store and a computer science engineer by profession. As a hobbyist, I harbor numerous aspirations. Since childhood, I've cherished creating handmade gifts and writing letters to my loved ones on special occasions—moments they truly relished. As I've grown, so has my love for DIY. It's been a constant source of rejuvenation, injecting color and vibrancy into my soul during challenging times.

Being an engineer actually helped me a lot with the technical aspects of creating a digital platform. All my ideas and passions converged when I launched Hooty Hoot, inspired by the concept of hygge. I owe my introduction to this cozy lifestyle to a wonderful friend who shared insights from their trip to Denmark. At a crossroads in my life, feeling lost and clueless, Hooty Hoot emerged as a beacon of purpose. Though I had to put it on hold for a while, Hooty Hoot once again came to my rescue, and here we are—this time with a plethora of new ideas and a touch of hoot!

Navigating the challenges of single motherhood seemed overwhelming, but my little hoot proved me wrong, becoming a source of joy and energy for the Hooty Hoot store. We are gearing up to launch a variety of cozy home decor and baby essentials inspired by the hygge lifestyle. Stay tuned for the warmth and comfort that Hooty Hoot is set to bring into your homes!"

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