Goodie Cauldron

Goodie Cauldron


Carry a hint of magic where ever you go. Here's Hooty hoot's small attempt to make a pocket-friendly HP Goodie box. You know what  Hooty hoot is a distant cousin of headwig :P 


So What's in the box?!


A5 spiral notebook, unruled. 100 pages.

Round 44mm pin badge. Suitable for bags.

HP Locket ( owl post themed)


Handmade items include:

Harry Inspired Fridge Magnet

Harry and Quidditch Keychain

9 3/4 Paper clip

Wooden Wand from Ollivander (Two Wands to pick a duel :P, Size: 25 cms)

Spell lesson Cards from Professor Flitwick

Butterbeer Recipe board Of Three Broomsticks

A Potion bottle from Professor Snape

Hogwarts Letter from Madam Minerva McGonagall

Origami Sorting hat quiz 

Dementor Relief

Molly Weasly's Cookies


some magical surprise too!!

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