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Daily Journal Template for Beginners

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

Are you in the mood to clutter your mind and plan things ahead daily and clear the stress cloud out? Here's a simple planner template for beginners in journaling.

journal templates for beginners

I've attached the pdf download link at end of this post. Before you download and start the hustle, let's get a quick introduction to the template and how you can use it.

Page#1 - Daily Planner

In the mood for daily planning, but can't be consistent at the beginning? Worry less... This first page is designed for absolute beginners to plan and write things accordingly. This page is divided into five parts for an easy and clear vision of your day.

To-Do list

Top priority




Page#2 - Weekly Planner

Plan your week ahead and let's not forget things or procrastinate. Be realistic about it. Think you can blog twice a week? Finish the long pending list of items. Plan things and stick to it."

"Every moment is a fresh beginning"

Page#3- Monthly Planner

Birthdays or anniversaries coming up? any major milestone day ahead and do you need to plan things accordingly to avoid the last-minute rush? Guess, this monthly planner might help you to avoid the great chaos. A small section for your monthly goals should motivate you to bring out the best you can!

Page#4 - To-do list

Planning a party or prepping for the most awaited trip? or time before exams? This to-do list helps you to remember things to be done ahead of time.

Page#5 - My notes

Pick up on random thoughts and whatnot here.

Here's the link for download...

Download PDF • 2.26MB


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