7 Day Hygge

Let's do some hygge living for the next week. Here's a simple hygge challenge that we all could do.

Bring home a plant

Monday: Start off the week relaxed, forgot about all those Monday the lousy day memes and cho cho Monday blues. Simply read a newspaper or a book. Stay away from the digital screen for few hours and take a sip of any hot beverage you like.

Tuesday: Buy some flowers and make the flower vase looks more beautiful or buy a potted plant. If you want to opt from some low maintenance plants go for succulents or get a mason jar or any glass jar fill up with water add pebbles or marbles and plant a money plant. Let's bring nature indoors.

Wednesday: Invite a friend over. After a busy day at work or university spend some good time with a friend.

Thursday: Try a new recipe. Set up a candle light dinner, yes it's important to love yourself.

Friday: Play some card or board games with friends over a chit chat.

Saturday: Take a walk to market or nearby shop. If you have a park or some natural outdoor space get some air and breath out all stress.

Sunday: Have some happy breakfast, enjoy the day reading book or watching movie. If you like outdoor try something new.

If you try these , share your experience on instagram @hootyhootstore. We're glad to participate and enjoy with you :)

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