Hygge Essentials

How to make a Hygge environment around you? This question will lead to many other questions. Can i do hygge on a budget? Hygge be outdoors? Many. Let's make it simple, Hygee is all about enjoying simple pleasures.

The Little book of hygge is a complete guide for Hygge life
Life of Hygge

List of Hygge things to do at home:

  • Warm happy home, size doesn't matter. It's all about the heart which matters.

  • Closed ones around you, smiling and making you to smile.

  • Candles for soft and cosy lighting

  • Little more warmth if you are from a cold country where you can see all snowy!

  • Hot tropical countries? Let's open all the window and welcome fresh breeze.

  • Aroma around the house! Make it smell like a rose garden or a bakery :P

  • oh! let's not forgot the Tummy! Treat your buddy with warm cocoa or a soup

  • Sweet cravings! Hygge is all about freshly baked foods :)

  • Wrap a blanket and cuddle in to watch some movies.

  • Dobby wants a sock! Even Dumbledore needs socks.

  • Find some relaxing hobby. Take the guitar wake it up from long hibernation.

  • Spend some time writing how lovely your day was. Take up a note book, write and doodle.

A lot more you can do. No limits for your creativity and fun. Let's get cosy and be grateful to this one amazing life.