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Hygge Manifesto

The Hygge Manifesto was written by Meik Wiking (The Little Book of Hygge) & is a ten-point Hygge action plan for achieving everyday happiness.

link to buy the book : The little book of Hygge

As you can see above the manifesto calls for us to really be present at the moment & fully engage with life. By achieving physical comfort, connecting with others (not on a screen), being grateful & creating a beautiful atmosphere we can achieve Hyggelig feelings. These are feelings of security & contentedness which arise from your sensory experiences.

This is why Hygge pays attention to the atmosphere, creating a soothing space in which to relax is important. It also requires that we take time to find & enjoy pleasurable things — doesn’t rush your cup of tea, take your time & savour the taste & the heat of the cup in your hand. You don’t need to spend money to do Hygge & it is not just about Scandi interiors. It is about your attitude to life & how much attention you pay to enjoy everything.

I guess this all sounds very cosy & if you are working 60 hours a week & have a busy household or a lot of stress this might all sound a little fanciful. I beg to differ though. Sure it is easier to take pleasure in life when you have plenty of time but even in my most stressful times I know I could have found more time to enjoy something small & that would have made a difference.

We all need to take care of ourselves. Sometimes that can be a few small things which really add up to feeling better & being more able to deal with life’s pressures. Next time you are tired & reach to switch the tv on why not try just listening to some music or getting your loved ones together for a game of cards? I know when we are zapped of energy these things can seem impossible but they are worth it. Think about how much time you spend staring at a screen & see if you can find half an hour to do something different this week.

Hygge is about everyday happiness. Using some of the points in this manifesto is a good practical way to start appreciating what is around & feeling happier as a result.



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