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Mindfulness Journey - Day 3

Are you good to yourself? Every day we end up criticizing ourself than someone else. Try to say kind words to you, evolve into a better version of you.

Whatever you're feeling, be good to yourself.

"If you feel lost, be patient with yourself while you find your way. If you feel scared, be gentle with yourself while you find the strength to face your fear. If you feel hurt, be kind to yourself while you grieve and slowly heal. You can't bully yourself into clarity, courage, or peace, and you can't rush self-discovery or transformation. Some things simply take time, so take the pressure off and give yourself space to grow". -Lori Deschene

Your competition isn't other people. Your competition is your procrastination. Your ego. The unhealthy food you're consuming, the unwanted thoughts of yours, your insecurities, the knowledge you neglect. The negative behaviour you're nurturing & your lack of creativity. Shake up all the old believes, you got an amazing life to live. Why spoil that by self-sabotaging?

Affirmation: I'm good to myself, I'm my priority. I love myself first.

Write down or record yourself an audio note explaining what you really feel good about yourself, Praise your values and talk about yourself. Listen to the clip and you'll for sure feel good about it. Try.

Go and live life to the fullest.


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