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Mindfulness journey Day-6

Distractions of daily life

You know, we all have limited time.

However, most people treat it like if it was infinite.

You get home, and immediately go watch your favourite TV show on Netflix. Then, you see what your friends are up to on Instagram. You tell yourself it won't be long. Just a couple of minutes and that's it. Then, you look at the clock. That's when you realize you just spent the last two hours of your time. This situation repeats itself every day. What you haven't realized yet is how much these distractions are costing you.

Let's do the math.

2 hours per day means 14 hours per week, 56 hours a month, and 672 in a year.

What does it mean you use all that time on useless distractions? You get left behind.

Remember life moves fast.

Your boss won't be waiting until you get the skills you need to be more efficient. He'll just hire someone else. Your family won't be always looking to spend time with you. At some point, they'll stop looking for your attention. When that happens, you'll wish you didn't spend all your time watching Netflix.

Now, with so many distractions wanting to take our precious time. What can we do to defeat them every time and use our time for what truly matters?

Be laser-focused on a single goal at a time. Use the time efficiently, slice up the time every day assign task and move forward.


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