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Mindfulness Journey Day- 7

Triggers! Why do our emotions get triggered often? 

Are you Worried about always getting emotionally triggered when someone says anything? feeling anxious and depressed after a conversation? Let's talk about a few root causes of the emotional triggers and ways you can pick up to resolve them one step at a time. Always remember, you cannot flip the world upside down in a day. It needs a lot of work, hope and more, but believe in "YOU" things will be fine and good eventually.

So what actually are Emotional Triggers?

A trigger is a connection between the conscious mind and a buried painful memory

When we were young, we inevitably underwent some sort of pain, suffering, or even trauma that we could not fully process at the time. As kids, we were unable to deal with our emotions in the appropriate manner, so we bottled them up and carried them with us into adulthood.

When we’re triggered, we’re re-experiencing a past (bottled up) hurt in the present time. Triggers are unresolved and unheard emotions of hurt from the past.

Think of triggers as an unhealed wound.

Each individual’s emotional triggers are unique to their previous experiences.

Emotional triggers are internal, dysfunctional personal beliefs that we learned in childhood.

Phase -1

Understand the triggers

  • Your triggers are about the unhealed parts of you.

  • your triggers indicate the work you need to do.

  • You will always find moronic People around you if you don't do the work for yourself.

  • There are several factors that can be a trigger, Smell,place,persons,thoughts,sounds,feelings etc.

Phase -2

Identify your Triggers

step to healing your triggers is being able to identify them, as well as your internal beliefs about the situation.

Ask yourself: “Is this belief a fact or a learned belief?”

For example, If someone ignores you and you take it to mean you are unlovable and worthless. Is that belief a fact or a learned belief from childhood?

A learned belief, of course, as there are endless reasons why a person does not respond to you, all of which have everything to do with that person and nothing to do with your self-worth.

Below is a list of some common actions that can cause emotional triggers:

  • Someone being judgmental or critical of you.

  • When someone tries to control you.

  • Being ignored.

  • A person being too busy to make time for you.

  • Not getting invited to certain events.

  • Someone giving you a disapproving look.

  • Rejection in any shape or form.

Phase -3

Healing Work

  • Focus on that feeling.

  • Learning to calm down your nervous system which easily goes into fight or flight with other people

  • Understanding your relationship wounds that keep you in a place of getting hurt by others easily

  • Curiosity about yourself and less focus on others


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