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The 100 - Finale

Series: The 100

Available on: Netflix

Seasons: 7

My rating: 4.5/5 ( till season 4) and it starts to run all over after that. . .

And the series finale was bit better and emotional than other episodes of Season 7. The best thing about this was seeing Lexa back. Till the end, all characters walked with the same personality. Clarke being Clarke and Raven saving the day, Jordan keeping up to his mark and Octavia defending her people and others. The 100 tricked us into loving John Murphy, the most hated face when the series started.

The story travelled a lot from Season 1 to season 7, it was great until the second nuclear disaster, Allie etc. Later on, it branched out and became messy. The story lost the track and ended in a way that no one wants to remember it. The transcendence could have been much detailed since the two zeros in 100 symbolise infinity maybe that was the transcendence of the human race is about. To become infinite or something. After the last episode, I am really thinking this series could have been named, Clarke and the 100 persons she killed.

May we meet again Yu gonplei ste odon.


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