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Enola Holmes

Movie: Enola Holmes

Available on: Netflix

Genre: Thriller, adventure

Recommended: Kids and Teen . . Enola's mother is missing, now this teen girl has to get help from her famous brother duo Mycroft and Sherlock. But they decided to treat her like a normal teen girl, so she uses her skills and outsmart them and set on her own journey to find her mother. The journey unravels more truth about her mother and the path she chose.

Millie Bobby Brown ( eleven) stars as the title character and Helena Bonham Carter (Bellatrix) was my reason to watch the movie. An entertaining victorian era movie perfectly layered with mystery and the struggles of feminist rights. But if you're looking for the sherlock's aspect and sharp brainy things, not for you then. In my view, I would like this to be a series rather than cramped up in a movie. . . #EnolaHolmesNetflix


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