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Emily in Paris

Series: Emily in Paris

season:1 Episodes:10

Available on: Netflix

My rating: 4.4/5

The show was filmed all over Paris, capturing some of the city's most iconic locations. Visually breathtaking cinematography and background score added luxury. I really relished the locations and felt like travelling down the streets of Paris and tasting croissants.

The story of a girl moved to a new city for work with all the usual hurdles like the language barrier, a long-distance relationship, new colleagues etc. Slowly she starts to find herself in Paris and how can you not fall in love in Paris? With all essence of smooth rom-com elements Emily in Paris, a luxury experience on screen.

Few things that me wow are choice of diverse characters, Emily from Chicago, Mindy from Shanghai, Gabriel a perfect French person and more. This Gabriel is cute and it was a surprise when I came to know he worked as a real chef too. The fashion choice is great and overall the best binge watch and a small getaway from this pandemic blues.

Emily in pairs, a luxury virtual treat.


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