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The Morning Routine

A morning Routine makes life more simple and easier. Here are few starters to follow every morning.

1. Meditate

To start off every morning in a calm and peaceful way meditation helps you. Every morning once you wake up, try listening to some soothing music and pick a spot with fresh air and sunlight. Keep your body lose and try to stay relaxed. Stay away from any gadgets before you meditate and start the day.

2. Exercise

Go for a little walk or do a mild stretching. To make you feel fresh and awaken, you can also try walking in the shape of 8.

3. Drink water

Drink water before you take any caffeine. Try to drink warm water with honey every morning, or lemon and honey water. Through out the day drink a good amount of water.

4. Journal

Write down motivational quotes and other things that makes you feel positive. Journaling helps me to get all those thoughts out so they don’t crowd my head all day.

5. Write My to Do List

It’s important to have goals for the day, or some direction. Make to-do list for the day and make 3 tasks on that list a priority. After those three get done, try to get some long pending things done. If something on list doesn’t get done, move it to the next day.

6. Write, schedule all the things

Schedule time for everything, even at work or blogging even for the social media. Make time slots, in that way you can acquire more than you think.

7. Inform myself.

Stay updated with the News and current affairs, or read some facts or watch something useful with a morning cup of coffee.

8. Eat Breakfast

Never skip breakfast, if possible make a overnight preparation ready for the next day. Plan the next day's menu before you sleep. The first meal of everyday makes you to get through the entire day with out any chaos.

Nobody is perfect, it's not necessary that every day should be the same. Hitting snooze button and rolling over the other side and sleeping on some days are okay! but as far as you can stay with a routine that makes you feel more productive and happy. The basic fact is, if you want to achieve a lot in the morning, it's must that you hit the bed soon at night.



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