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Unique Words around the world

Speaking of hygge, there are so many unique terms and phrases around the world which are so fun to pronounce and wonder at their meaning.

Iiktsuarpok (uncountable).

The feeling of anticipation while waiting for someone to arrive, often leading to intermittently going outside to check for them. [Inuit]

Friolero, or "persona friolera" is someone who feels cold when a normal person wouldn't (for instance I think 15ºC is a very pleasant temperature but my brother finds it too cold), or that just doesn't feel good when it's cold.[Spanish]

Zhaghzhagh The chattering of teeth from the cold or from rage [Persian]

Cafune the act of running your fingers through your lover's hair [Brazilian Portuguese]

Utepils To sit outside on a sunny day and enjoying beer. [Norwegian]

Tsundoko The constant act of buying books and never reading them [Japanese]

Hanyauku Walking on your toes on warm sand [Rukwangali, Namibia]



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